The Fabulous Martini-Tones

About the band

Since the summer of 2005, The Fabulous Martini-Tones have been performing their unique blend of exotic-surf lounge music with a mid-century style. The aim of the Martini-Tones is to charm and intrigue listeners with the unusual yet familiar.

The sound of the Fabulous Martini-Tones is probably best described as instrumental lounge music that draws from cool jazz, 60's surf guitar, exotica and space-age pop. A Martini-Tone performance is as laid-back or upbeat as the mood of the venue or occasion calls for.
The Fabulous Martini-Tones perform in many of the fine Albuquerque and Santa Fe clubs and restaurants that feature Jazz, Blues and exotic music including Nob Hill Bar & Grill, Zinc, Savoy Bar & Grill, Scalo Il Bar, Marble Brewery, Il Vicino Canteen and La Cumbre Brewery.

Dave Williams plays saxophone, piano, organ and keyboard-based marimba and vibraphone. Dave provides the rich, world sound; tropical and exotic.
Scott Peterson plays electric, steel and Spanish guitars and gives The Martini-Tones their surf edge. Dave and Scott have performed with a number of Albuquerque area Blues, Jazz and Rock n' Roll bands for nearly twenty years.

Scott Moore lays down the bottom end for The Tones with standard and frettless bass. Scott has contributed to Blues, Surf and Rock n' Roll bands and projects in Albuquerque and the California bay area over the years.

Drummer Mike Garcia rounds out the sound. A long-time player in many jazz, blues and R&B bands, Mike has developed a particular touch for the unique Martini-Tone sound  combining jazz, surf and bossa nova rhythms.